Anti-Slavery and Trafficking Statement 2023


*Lemon Social L.L.C*
*Effective Date: 2023-12-26*

Lemon Social L.L.C owns and operates the website Lemon Social L.L.C ( ("Lemon Social" or the "Company"), a subscription-based social platform that redefines creator and fan connections across diverse genres. Our platform empowers creators to unleash their full potential while aligning with the Company's core values and mission.

**Commitment to Combat Modern Slavery**

Lemon Social L.L.C is unwavering in its commitment to combat modern slavery. We are resolute in our mission to build the world's safest digital media platform, and we categorically reject modern slavery or human trafficking in any manifestation. This rejection extends to our platform, partnerships, and supply chain.

This statement aligns with our Company's values and objectives and complies with the UK Modern Slavery Act, Australia Modern Slavery Act, and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. It outlines the measures taken by Lemon Social L.L.C to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business operations, partnerships, and supply chains.

**Our Commitment**

Lemon Social L.L.C vehemently opposes all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking, recognizing them as crimes and violations of fundamental human rights. These abhorrent practices encompass slavery, servitude, forced labor, compulsory labor, and human trafficking—all involving the unjust deprivation of an individual's liberty for personal or commercial exploitation.

Our platform undergoes rigorous scrutiny, with all content creators' materials subject to examination to ensure compliance with licensing, guidelines, and applicable laws and regulations. Any violations result in immediate account removal and forfeiture of funds.

We are resolutely committed to acting with integrity, mitigating modern slavery and human trafficking risks, and fostering respectful, dignified treatment of employees, partners, vendors, and all stakeholders. We prioritize safe working conditions, ethical operations, and environmental responsibility.

**Preventing, Detecting, and Reporting Risks**

Our ongoing efforts to prevent, detect, and report modern slavery and human trafficking risks include:

1. Company-wide mandatory modern slavery and trafficking training.
2. Implementation of company-wide policies and procedures emphasizing ethical conduct.
3. Comprehensive review of our supply chain to identify and mitigate risks.
4. Investment in enhanced content moderation processes, including specialized resources.
5. Independent monitoring to strengthen safety controls and compliance.
6. Increased collaboration with organizations combatting modern slavery and human trafficking.

**Our Policies**

Lemon Social L.L.C is committed to taking all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking have no place in our platform, business, or supply chain. Our Code of Conduct & Business Ethics sets clear expectations for integrity and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including those addressing modern slavery and human trafficking. We extend this Code to key suppliers and contractors.

**Reporting Violations**

Our Anti-Slavery and Anti-Trafficking Statement reinforces our commitment to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking. It also provides mechanisms for reporting suspected instances of such activities. Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy expressly prohibit content related to escort services, sex trafficking, or prostitution, ensuring compliance with our principles.

We hold our employees and suppliers to high standards, with violations potentially leading to disciplinary actions or contract terminations.

**Risk Assessment**

We continually assess modern slavery and human trafficking risks in our business environment. This assessment draws from external reports, standards, country and sector risk profiles, and evolving risks, allowing us to adapt our processes and controls accordingly.

**Direct Business Operations**

We deem the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our direct business operations to be relatively low, given our professional and skilled workforce. However, we remain vigilant in areas where contractors outside the United Kingdom and the United States of America are engaged, acknowledging a slightly higher risk. Our workforce is educated about these risks and encouraged to report any suspicions.

**Platform and Supply Chain**

Our risks include:

1. **Creator Content:** Risks associated with content uploaded to our platform, including potentially exploitative material.
2. **Contractors and Third Parties:** The use of contractors and third-party suppliers for various tasks, including user verification and content moderation.
3. **Merchandise:** Procurement of promotional merchandise that may involve manufacturing by a workforce more susceptible to exploitation.

**Risk Mitigation**

We actively mitigate risks through measures such as:

1. Rigorous creator verification processes.
2. Content moderation to prevent and detect harmful content, including modern slavery and human trafficking indicators.
3. Contractor compliance with relevant laws and standards, including training.
4. Ongoing efforts to identify and disrupt criminal networks exploiting individuals.
5. Reporting any identified indicators of modern slavery or human trafficking to law enforcement and NGOs.

**Our Ongoing Commitment**

We pledge to:

1. Identify and assess additional risk areas.
2. Mitigate modern slavery and human trafficking risks.
3. Protect whistleblowers.
4. Stay informed about relevant legislation changes.
5. Monitor potential risk areas and solutions.

**Responsibility for this Declaration**

Our Executive Leadership is responsible for ensuring compliance with this statement and associated policies. All levels of management

 are tasked with ensuring their teams understand and adhere to anti-slavery and anti-trafficking policies and procedures. Our legal team oversees the principles outlined in this statement and evaluates internal control systems to combat modern slavery and human trafficking effectively.

This statement has been approved by the Board of Lemon Social L.L.C.

Legal Department of Lemon Social L.L.C
Effective Date: 2023-12-26