**Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention at Lemon Social**

*Effective Date: 12/29/2023*

Money Laundering and Fraud are unlawful activities that pose a threat to our community. Lemon Social is committed to preventing, detecting, and addressing potential fraud and money laundering on our platform.

**Understanding Money Laundering**

Money laundering refers to the illegal process of making money from criminal activities appear as though it comes from a legitimate source. It involves using legitimate transactions, such as purchasing goods or services or conducting banking transactions, to "clean" money obtained unlawfully.

Money laundering is strictly prohibited on Lemon Social. We have implemented a range of tools, policies, and procedures to detect and prevent any attempts to use our platform for money laundering.

**Understanding Fraud**

Fraud is the unlawful act of deceiving or tricking someone to obtain money or valuable assets.

Fraud is not tolerated on Lemon Social. We have established various tools, policies, and procedures to detect and prevent any efforts to engage in fraudulent activities on our platform.

**How Lemon Social Addresses Money Laundering and Fraud Risks**

To ensure the safety of our community, we have a specialized team dedicated to identifying and preventing the use of Lemon Social for money laundering and fraud. This team utilizes both human judgment and our in-house technology, along with third-party tools, to identify and investigate suspicious behaviors and transactions.

Our team actively looks for "red flags" that may indicate money laundering or fraud, including:

1. Multiple payment card attempts with multiple names.
2. Rapid purchases.
3. Payment attempts from flagged IP addresses.
4. Transactions from IPs shared by Fans and Creators.
5. Purchases from accounts with unusual patterns (e.g., newly created accounts or accounts with suspicious email domains).
6. Suggestive direct messages, such as requests to send funds via third-party payment methods.

**Incidence of Money Laundering or Fraud on Lemon Social**

Due to our stringent identity verification process, transaction restrictions (including minimum and maximum pricing), daily limits, and other preventive measures, the occurrence of money laundering or fraud on our platform is exceedingly rare.

In cases where individuals violate our policies, procedures, or the law, we can identify and remove them from the platform. Additionally, we may report illegal activities to law enforcement as required.

**Team Training for Fraud and Money Laundering Recognition**

Our team responsible for platform protection undergoes continuous training on industry best practices to recognize and combat fraud and money laundering effectively.

**Lemon Social's Response to Suspicious Activity**

When we identify or receive reports of suspicious activity, we conduct thorough investigations and take appropriate actions. These actions may include suspending accounts or transactions, removing specific content, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies when necessary.

**Compliance with Sanctions Regimes**

Lemon Social complies with all applicable national and international sanctions regimes. We use third-party suppliers to check relevant databases, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control's (OFAC) "Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" list and the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI).

We fulfill all legal obligations if we identify potential users on sanctioned lists or those engaged in transactions with sanctioned entities or regions.

**Collaboration with Law Enforcement**

Yes, Lemon Social actively collaborates with law enforcement agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. Any suspected illegal activity on our platform, including money laundering and fraud, is promptly reported to law enforcement. We also respond to government and law enforcement requests concerning potentially illicit accounts or transactions without delay.