Subscriber/Creator Contract

*Effective Date: 12/29/2023*

**Payment Conditions for the LemonSocial Platform** accepts the following payment methods exclusively:

1. Check payments
2. Funded wallets
3. LST tokens
4. Credit Card payments directly within the platform

Any discussions related to payment methods not listed above, whether in messages or emails within or outside of, will lead to immediate removal from the Lemonsocial platform, account termination, and the blocking of all associated content from future services. This policy applies to both Creators and Subscribers on or any of our affiliated websites.

Usage of third-party payment systems outside of Lemonsocial is strictly prohibited due to anti-money laundering laws and "Know Your Client" requirements. Arrangements for offsite payments are not permitted.

Violations of the above statement will result in the banning of users and creators, along with the forfeiture of accounts and associated funds.

**Standard Contract between Subscriber and Creator**

This agreement governs all transactions between Subscribers and Creators on Lemon Social.

**Applicability of this Contract**

This contract applies whenever a Subscriber/Creator Transaction is initiated on Lemon Social. It supersedes any other terms proposed by the Subscriber or Creator, legally binding them in the Subscriber/Creator Transaction.


Only the Subscriber and Creator involved in the Subscriber/Creator Transaction are parties to this agreement. Lemon Social LLC International Limited and its subsidiary companies are not parties to this agreement, except when acting as a payment intermediary as per Section 5 of this agreement.


Within this contract, the following terms have the following meanings:

- "Lemon Social" refers to the website accessible at or through any web browser.
- "Content" encompasses all material uploaded by users to Lemon Social.
- "Creator" designates a user who uploads content.
- "Subscriber" refers to a user who follows a Creator and has access to their content.
- "Referring User" is a user participating in the Lemon Social Referral Program.
- "Subscriber/Creator Transaction" includes subscriptions, payments for pay-per-view content, and payments for subscriber interaction functions.
- "Subscriber Payment" includes all payments made by a subscriber.
- "FIL Fee" refers to fees levied to Creators.
- "Subscription" refers to a subscriber's subscription to a Creator's account.
- "VAT" refers to value-added tax.
- "Tax" denotes all statutory charges, fees, imposts, levies, and liabilities.


We appreciate your support and participation in our community. As part of our commitment to providing a transparent and user-friendly experience, we want to inform you of our policy regarding account deletion and subscription management.

If you choose to delete your LemonSocial account while still subscribed or having made recent purchases, please be aware that your account will be suspended for a period of 60 days before it is permanently deleted from our system. During this 60-day period, your account and associated data will be inaccessible to you and other users.

It is important to note that you are responsible for canceling any active subscriptions before deleting your account. Failure to do so may result in continued subscription charges during the suspension period. Additionally, we advise removing any saved payment methods from your account to prevent unintended charges or complications.

This policy is in accordance with LemonSocial's terms and conditions, which outline the responsibilities of users regarding account management and subscription cancellation.

We strive to make the account deletion process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.


**Pricing and Payment**

By initiating a Subscriber/Creator Transaction, the Subscriber agrees to pay the specified Subscriber Payment, inclusive of applicable VAT. Lemon Social LLC International Limited or its subsidiaries are authorized to collect, hold, and process the Subscriber Payment, deduct the FIL Fee, and distribute amounts due to Creators and Referring Users per the Lemon Social Terms of Service.

Upon payment, the Subscriber gains limited access to the Relevant Content. This access is non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and non-exclusive, allowing viewing on personal devices and standard web browsers, adhering to Lemon Social's Acceptable Use Policy.

**License for Relevant Content**

The license granted for Relevant Content does not confer ownership rights to the Subscriber. Rights remain with the Creator.

Immediate expiration of the license can occur under various circumstances, including payment failure, content viewing completion, account suspension, breach of Lemon Social's Acceptable Use Policy, content deletion, or account closure.

**Cancellation and Refunds**

Subscribers waive the statutory right to cancel a Subscriber/Creator Transaction within 14 days of its initiation. This does not affect the Subscriber's rights under applicable law to request a refund.

**Content Responsibility**

Content creation and uploading are the sole responsibility of the Creator. Lemon Social does not guarantee continuous content generation.

**No Guarantees**

Creators may add or remove Content at their discretion. Lemon Social is not liable for unavailability due to factors such as account suspension or deletion.

**Terms Applicable to Disputes**

This agreement is governed by U.S. law. The Subscriber may also invoke the mandatory laws of their residence.

**Jurisdiction for Claims**

Claims under this agreement may be filed in the courts of the United States, Mexico, or the Subscriber's home country, depending on the Subscriber's location.

**Lemon Social Contact Information**

Lemon Social L.L.C.
1000 Brickell Ave Ste 715
Miami, Florida 33131