KYC/On-boarding Policy

**KYC/On-boarding Policy**

*Last Updated 12/26/2023*

Lemon Social is committed to maintaining a safe and compliant community. It is imperative that we identify users on our platform and ensure they are at least 18 years old.

**Age Requirement for Lemon Social**

To access content on Lemon Social, both Creators and Fans must be at least 18 years old.

**Why the Age Restriction?**

Lemon Social is an inclusive subscription-based platform that allows freedom of expression within our guidelines. However, this must be balanced with community safety. Here's why the age requirement is in place:

1. **Payment and Legal Compliance:** Users need to provide payment card details and legally pay for subscriptions.
2. **Content Suitability:** Some content on Lemon Social is not suitable for individuals under 18 years old.

**Why We Verify Users**

We verify users' age and identity to protect our community and ensure legal compliance. This is both a social responsibility and a legal necessity.

**How We Verify Age and Identity**

We employ a mix of technology and human moderation teams to verify age and identity. Verification methods are continually updated to align with best practices, technology advancements, and legal changes.

For age and identity verification, Creators provide over 9 pieces of personally identifying information and documents, including:

- Full name
- Verified email address
- Postal address
- Date of birth
- Valid government photo ID
- Standalone selfie
- Selfie with photo ID
- Social media account handles
- Bank account information
- In the United States, W-9 and Social Security Number

Fans may also provide various personally identifying information and documents based on their country.

**Verification Team**

Lemon Social maintains a dedicated team that specializes in reviewing, approving, and rejecting account applications, including age and identity checks. This team uses both human judgment and in-house technology.

**Follow-Up Checks**

We conduct ongoing age and identity verification checks after account creation. Creator accounts undergo secondary "selfie checks" on a 30-day cycle, with additional cross-checks and security measures in place.

**Failing a "Selfie Check"**

If a Creator fails a "selfie check," their account is inaccessible, relevant content is removed, and the account undergoes review. Actions may include requesting additional ID documents, suspending or terminating the account, or banning an IP address.

**Data Retention**

We retain age and identity verification information as necessary to protect our community and comply with the law. Details regarding data retention can be found in our Privacy Policy.

**Use of Verification Information**

Lemon Social solely uses age and identity verification information for community safety. We do not monetize, sell, or utilize this data for any other purpose, distinguishing us from other platforms.